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How Powah thinks Social Media will change after lockdown

Without a doubt, there will be a huge number of changes to life as we know it after lockdown is officially over. People have been starved of normal everyday things that they may have taken for granted pre lockdown. People have naturally turned to social media more because of the inability to do other things in which they enjoy. Will people use social media less after lockdown? Or will they use it more

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Usage of Instagram on Friday and Saturday nights have shot up, by 13% and 15% since lockdown started, but this doesn’t mean it’s a benefit for Brands and Influencers. Actually the uses of the #ad hashtag have dropped by 35% on Instagram, due to there not being much adverts during this time. The whole world has been glued to their phones and TVs during the lockdown period, here at Powah we believe that for the first few weeks when lockdown is officially lifted people will gravitate away from social media, we believe that there will almost be a slight dip. People have been starved from seeing their friends and family and just doing everyday normal things. Why would people want to be glued to their screens when they have essentially been freed and are able to go to the pub, see friends, family. However, because Instagram is its own black whole in which sucks everything in, it would not be long until people rush back to it to upload all of their ‘free from lockdown’ pictures.

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