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Where do you start when you want to sell your product or promote your service on social media?

Social Media is bigger than just images and videos these days. Brands and businesses are building empires by using their social platforms to promote and sell their products and services. So how do you use social media successfully to sell your products?

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Who Are You Selling To?

The first key point is, always have your target market in mind. They should be at the forefront of everything...every idea, every social post, all your written copy, everything! At the end of the day, they’re the ones you’re selling to, so if you can’t tailor your content and marketing techniques to that audience then you’re not going to be very successful.

Get Social

Design a social media matrix, from here you can establish where your product is going to excel, depending on different social platforms, demographics and target market. This will allow you to clearly identify which route you take. Will you choose Facebook to sell your product? Or will you choose Instagram? There are many routes you can take but they have to be personalised to you, your audience and your goal... other brands marketing techniques will most likely not work for you.

You Are Unique

Identify the USP’s of YOUR brand or product and highlight these in everything you do, whether it’s a social post, a blog, an ad, whatever it may be, you need to show your audience why they should buy your product or service over your competitors and what makes you different. There is no harm in bigging yourself up, because if you’re not confident in your own abilities who else will be?

Dig Deep

Do your research, see what is already doing well online and use this to set yourself apart from other businesses, figure out what else you can offer that they don’t...make yourself stand out. Use all of the features that are provided to you on social media, depending on your chosen platforms you will determine which features you take advantage of, it could be Reels, Stories, Lives, Saves, Likes and Comments and everything in between!

Features V Benefits

Similar to a previous blog we wrote ‘Sell the solution, not the product’ you want to make sure that all of your social content is focused on what your product or service can offer your audience and how it will benefit them. 

Something very important to take note of when trying to sell on social media is not to make selling the focus point of your content. If every post is a pushy sales post, you’re going to put people off. Focus on happy customers first, sales/profit second.

Take advantage of being able to be really specific and detailed when creating social ads. Being too vague when segmenting your audience won’t deliver the results you want, on the other hand being extremely specific can also whittle down your audience too much, so you want to find a happy medium.