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Making content that is unique and that stands out amongst your competitors is what will get you recognised and remembered.

We strive to create as much customised content for not only ourselves but our clients too. Having your own content that’s specific to you and your brand will make you stand out from the rest, especially if your content is unique and different from everyone else’s within your market. 

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  • powah-blogs-customised_content-branding-logos-gifs-seo-engagement-social_media-brand_guidelines
  • powah-blogs-customised_content-branding-logos-gifs-seo-engagement-social_media

With every shoot we plan, we create a detailed shot list and within this list, we specify certain content we want to capture on the day. Creating personalised GIFs for our clients is one of our favourite ways to do this. Not only does it make their Instagram stories stand out and make them more memorable, but it also gives their audience content to interact with themselves.

To create GIFs, we use Adobe After Effects and Photoshop which are highly recognised applications in the professional editing world. There are loads of tutorials online that would help any beginner with this. Start by getting your Giphy account approved as a creators account and you will be well on your way to having all your GIFs available to use on Instagram stories!

One of the most obvious ways to stand out with custom content is having a bespoke logo. This will make all your social content and any marketing materials you produce recognisable as yours. Your logo is the base of your brand, it reflects you, what you do, what you stand for, it shows your brand colours and aesthetic and it's super important to get right! Our in-house team spends hours perfecting our client’s logos to ensure we start off their branding on the right page, this gives us the jump we need when creating all content going forward in making sure everything is cohesive.

Keeping your social feeds cohesive is a great way to ensure your brand looks professional and is also a brilliant way to incorporate your customised content. Having your brand guidelines at the core of all your social posts will showcase your individuality and show off your brand. Nothing looks better than a coordinated feed. Use your brand colours, fonts and logos across all platforms and your audience will start to recognise your content from a mile away.

We believe having a brand that catches the eye of your audience and is recognisable as yours really sets you apart from others. If you can create customised content from social graphics, reels, logos, sharable content, GIFs and so much more, your audience is so much more likely to engage with it.