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An insight into what IGTV is, and how beneficial it actually is

IGTV is an app that can be used alone or within Instagram. It's basically Instagram's answer to YouTube in that it's designed for the mobile-optimised viewing of longer videos. Anyone can start up their own IGTV channel and share videos that are up to an hour-long. The main big difference between IGTV and Instagram Stories is the duration of the videos, IGTV can be minutes and up to an hour while stories are seconds.

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Using IGTV will offer influencers and brands some benefits over YouTube. As it stands currently there are no commercials at this point, so you can post a video without interruptions that can cause fan, customers and viewers to lose interest and click away from the content.

IGTV was designed for use on smartphones, with vertical videos that don’t make the users turn their phones into a horizontal position for viewing. Making it easier to upload and an easier viewing experience.

Vertical videos were actually made popular by Snapchat. So influencers who may have a younger age group audience can connect with them more as they’re used to using platforms like Snapchat, they will probably appreciate that extra little feature, even if they don't realise it.

Instagram has a built-up audience of 1 billion but only a fraction of this number use IGTV. But looking at how far stories have come in the past couple of years who can tell when IGTV could surpass YouTube.

Many brands and influencers are already getting involved with this easy-to-use longer-form of video on Instagram and they seem to be getting plenty of success. Vogue US, for instance, shared a series called “Beauty Secrets," which features well-known influencers testing makeup products, and its view count is doing remarkably well.

IGTV is a worthwhile platform to at least try for any influencer or brand. Remember that Instagram Stories are only temporary, but with IGTV, you can make content that sticks around on your profile for your fans, customers and followers to see.

A longer video means longer engagement times, and this can mean more possibility of getting your name/brand into someone's line of vision. You also have a lot of room on IGTV for creative and educational video production and sharing, which could display brands and influencers profiles in a much more detailed and creative way than it already is.

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