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Influencers and Brands live streaming regularly...

Towards the end of 2016 Instagram introduced a “live feature” in which a person could broadcast a live video from their profile. It was instantly a hit with users as they were able to host live Q&As with their friends and even do joint live streams. For the average Instagram user with a normal following, live streams are just a way in having some fun with friends to maybe pass the time. However, for influencers, it holds a great open opportunity for them to directly interact with their fan base/ followers.

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Over the lockdown season, a large majority of celebs and influencers explored the live stream button to keep their fans entertained throughout the lockdown. It seemed to have worked really well as influencers would jump on live streams with fans and answer their questions directly leaving both parties happy at the end. The question is should influencers with high followings take part in regular live streams with their followers?

At Powah we believe that when an influencer organically engages with their following it can only leave benefits. It shows the fan base that the influencer is genuinely interested in their questions and them as people in general. It's also a great opportunity for influencers to humanise themselves, a large majority of young people see influencers as ‘Super Human’ or ‘Better than them’ which is not a healthy thought process every time a young person opens their phone they then instantly feel bad about themselves. Insta live can show young people that influencers are just humans like them with natural flaws. Insta lives with fans can also build an influencer following as it's the best way to show people what they are like in real life without filters or edits and fully showcases their personalities.