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Influencers promoting brands/products that they don't use...

In the year 2020, it is impossible to scroll through Instagram without it being saturated with ads promoted by social influencers. But is there a way to tell whether they genuinely like this product, or is it driven by money and sales?

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An influencer holds many responsibilities within their job role, promoting a product and the involvement in marketing themselves alongside a brand is part and parcel of the career. However, there is a large amount of controversy surrounding this topic, there have been many incidents of influencers being spotted with a competitor product of that they’ve previously promoted and stated their love for. This leaves the average consumer wondering what is real and what is a social media facade. 

We think everyone could hold their hands up and admit that at some point or another they have been influenced to buy a product/use a service because they have seen a said person say they love it. This is the power influencers have on the market today. 49% of consumers today depend on influencer recommendations for their purchase decisions, that’s nearly a massive 50% of purchases made today that have stemmed from an influencer’s recommendation.

As an influencer, you're considered someone of power, you hold a lot of responsibility and have a voice for your audience. You get the opportunities many people would wish for and owe a certain amount of loyalty to your followers. 62% of respondents find it unethical for influencers to promote products they don’t use themselves, so when you choose to promote something you haven't used before on your platform ask yourself if it feels right for you! Think about what your audience would want to see, believe and buy. We think some ads can be a huge step in an influencer's career whether they use the product/service they're promoting or not, from a business standpoint that can definitely be applauded. But from a consumer standpoint would this gain or lose your followers trust?

At Powah we believe that it is important for an influencer to have a certain level of credibility when it comes to promoting products. We encourage influencers to understand their level of influence when promoting a product, to understand what they are advertising and who they’re advertising too. As an influencer, we think taking the time to look into the brand/business that has approached you and understand if they would suit your audience is a huge step to future success.