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How important is it having your own brand?

Brands reach out to influencers and negotiate with money, products, exposure. The influencers will typically advertise these products on their social media feed. But there’s a way to dispose of the negotiations altogether, while still promoting products the influencer love…

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But there’s a way to dispose of the negotiations altogether, while still promoting products the influencer loves just as much…and it’s called starting your own brand. While this may not sound simple, Powah is here to tell you it really is! Influencers have already done a lot of the hard work without even realising. A difficult part of becoming an influencer is maintaining a substantial following and level of engagement. If the influencer has already achieved this they have the key factor in starting a brand right at their fingertips.

By cutting out the initial back and forth between a brand and influencer, promoting products becomes less of a job and more of a hobby. It allows the influencers to put out content they believe in and which benefits themselves, their followers and enhances their personal image. 

Starting a brand as an influencer is not only a way to invest in yourself, but also a way to express and expand the brand you’ve already created. The pressure of pleasing another brand is eliminated, and you gain the freedom of having your own creative control.

It’s important to be able to create content the influencer wants people to see, and how they want to be shown to the public. Some influencers post ads of products they would never use and it can sometimes have a less favourable outcome. 

Influencers creating their own website, e-com shop and product will expand their opportunities… no more being tied down to just photos and videos on social media. Having a website, logo and many other platforms and assets opens new doors. Starting a brand is a way to break through the creative limitations and move away from always answering to someone else. When influencers can create content that hasn’t come with a brief and set parameters, it allows them to have a lot more freedom and opens up personal growth.

Who to go to when starting a brand?

Powah is here to help. We provide a service which will eliminate all the headaches. Powah works collaboratively with you to create the perfect brand for you.  Our team of branding experts will ensure the look is uniform and filters down to everything from the website to social media content ensuring your promotional content, supporting content, sales content and after-sales content is professional. Our team has extensive experience working with many influencers and know how to create designs to suit your brand, we create high-quality content for influencers that they themselves can be proud of. Highly skilled in the software required to make high-quality graphics, you can take your designs and content to the next level. We also provide influencers with state-of-the-art web applications using the very best build methods. Content is king, so Powah makes video content to stand out from the crowd.